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Kink for eeyore9990

Title: Painted Sunset
Author: sevs_lil_secret
Recipient: eeyore9990
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Harry/Severus
Warnings: bondage, wax play, spanking, nudity, language, blindfolding
Summary: A couple explores different avenues to spice up their love life.
A/N: This is written for eeyore9990. Her wishes were bondage, blindfolds, wax play, caning or spanking, and incest. I’ve managed 4 out of the 5 and I hope she likes it, if not… at least I tried.

Painted Sunset

Severus walked around the suspension rig eyeing Harry. The other man was blindfolded; his hands bound together over his head and feet stretched out then tied down to create a slightly tanned canvas for Severus. He picked up the massage oil, emulsifying it in his hands as he walked to Harry. "I am going to touch you now."

Severus reached out and placed his hands on Harry's shoulders, rubbing the oil into his skin. The other man's body swayed with his movements and Severus could feel the muscles relaxing under his fingertips. His long fingers smoothed the slick oil down Harry's back to his bum. He kneaded the pert cheeks and then reached back and smacked Harry's bottom, smiling as a reddened print showed up on one cheek.

Harry let himself go in the sensations of Severus' hands. He'd not been too sure about this when his older lover had first brought the idea up, but now he was happy he'd gone along with it. There was a pleasant burn along his shoulders and upper arms as he was stretched out like an offering; his feet were on the floor, so he wasn't supporting his weight by his wrists.

The oil Severus was using was lightly scented with rosemary, a scent Harry found relaxing when combined with the low music that was playing on his sound system. "This was a brilliant idea Severus," he murmured, turning his head and trying to find his lover by sound.

Severus chuckled again, griped one slender hip and slapped Harry's bottom again. "I am glad you think so," he said softly as he leaned closer to Harry and began whispering in his ear. "You look exquisite stretched out before me; your bottom reddened from my touch."

He pulled back and swung his hand upwards, catching the underside of Harry's bum.

Harry's breath hitched at the swat and he moaned slightly. "That's good," he murmured as the sting slowly faded.

The two men had been a couple for the past two years and in that time they had explored many avenues in their sex life. Both had found that they enjoyed games of dominance and submission and would switch roles with one another so both could receive maximum enjoyment from it.

Harry opened his eyes behind his blindfold for a moment; a sudden thought had just struck him. "Sev... you did remember to get Sinistra to cover the Slytherins tonight, right?" There was no way he wanted to be literally left hanging while his lover went to deal with squabbling third years.

"No one will disturb us while I create, Harry and don't call me Sev." Severus gave him a few more spanks, a bit harder just for shortening his name then ran his hands down Harry's legs, rubbing in more oil. "Still comfortable? No numbness in your hands?"

Harry snorted and then tried not to yelp at the quick swats. "Well I'm certainly not calling you Master, you bat," he laughed and then settled back down once more. He wriggled around a little, flexing his fingers and hands, shifting his weight on his feet before he nodded. "Yeah, I'm good."

Severus turned from Harry and made certain his wand was near as well as a Burn Salve for safety's sake. He checked the temperatures on three pots of melted wax. Pure paraffin, warmed to 56 degrees Celsius, waited to be charmed with different colors. He smirked and thought just how appropriate it was to cover Harry's body with Slytherin colors. He charmed the pots, green, silver and black then picked up his wand to conjured an ice cube. "Ready Harry?" Severus asked nearly breathless with anticipation.

Harry could hear the excitement in Severus' voice and shivered his own level of anticipation building. "Oh I'm ready," he breathed as he felt the blood pooling in his groin and his prick begin to take more interest in the proceedings.

Severus gave an evil grin and reached out with the ice cube, running it across Harry's shoulder blades in a back and forth motion.

Harry shivered and gasped at the ice, glaring beneath his blindfold, oh Severus could be certain that when it was his time to choose their evening activity, he would be feeling something equally as shocking. "Bloody hell," he hissed and jerked away as much as he could from the intense cold.

Severus grinned and pulled away the ice, then picked up a brush. He stirred it in the pot of green wax and then let a drop drip on his forearm, testing it. Heat spread pleasantly from the small spot and he nodded. He dipped the brush back in the pot and raised it, flicking the wax across Harry's shoulders and back.

"Oi! Now that's bleedin' hot Sev. You could warn a person, you know," Harry exclaimed as the molten wax hit the skin where the ice had just been. Going from one temperature to the other was interesting; it didn't hurt, but it was interesting.

The shorter wizard tried to twist around to track Severus' movements by sound, but was thwarted by his bonds. Harry gave a frustrated yank with his hands before turning to face front once more while muttering something about Severus having to wear ballet slippers to class under his robes as payback.

Severus sneered and slid the ice cube across Harry's reddened bottom, pressing it into the flesh and he leaned to whispering Harry's ear. "Shut it you. It's not hot I tried it on myself first." He ran the cube up Harry's back over the wax he had just splashed across Harry.

Harry squirmed under the ice and grinned cheekily in what he thought was Severus' direction. "Well it's not cold either and I didn't say it hurt, now did I?" He could feel his skin goose pimple and shiver under the trail of the ice.

"Do you plan to arse about with the ice or are we going to have some artwork here, Rembrandt?" Harry teased good naturedly, he knew he wasn't bothering Severus with his commentary.

"If you don't shut up, Potter. I will leave you hanging here." Severus plunged his hand into the silver pot of wax, bringing it out dripping with heat and paraffin then grabbed Harry's cock. He wrapped his fingers around the velvety flesh and stroked, coating Harry's prick.

Harry yelped and whimpered at the sudden heat at his groin, Severus' hand tight around him. His back arched and his face turned up to the unseen ceiling as he licked his lips and fought to stay quiet. There was pain there, but it was a good pain, one that promised an explosive end to their evening.

Severus smirked and eased his hand away from Harry. He dropped the ice cube and picked up another brush dipped it into the black wax and stirred. Aiming for the lovely pert bottom, Severus flung the wax across Harry in thick lines. He dipped the green and black brushes back into their pots and this time flicked both colors at his canvas.

As each hot droplet hit his skin, Harry flinched and squirmed, trying to protect himself instinctively. The wax didn't just hit in a droplet and stay put. No, like most heavy liquids, when it hit a surface it broke apart and spattered around the initial impact site.

Harry panted and hissed as droplets hit between his spread legs and landed on his sensitive bollocks. He could take this, he knew he could, but payback was going to be high for his lover. Nothing had prepared the younger wizard for the feeling of molten wax gobbets clinging to his most sensitive bits.

Severus dropped the brushes back into their respective pots and picked up the one for the silver wax. Grabbing his wand he conjured another ice cube and floated it to Harry's back, running it over the wax he had just applied and then slung more melted wax over the cold surface.

Harry could feel the cold from the ice cutting through the heat still radiating from the wax, the feeling of it as it hardened and then cracked was unique. He hung his tousled haired head and sighed softly in pleasure only to suck his breath in again as Severus flung more wax over his skin. "Merlin!" Harry cried out as bare skin was covered in the splattering array.

Severus chuckled and went back and forth alternating the wax colours and ice until Harry's back, bum and legs were crisscrossed with lines of black, green, silver; his skin reddened from the heat and earlier spanking.

Harry's limbs shook from the strain of holding still, flinching, and jerking to protect his flesh. His head hung forward, his mouth opened and eyes closed behind the blindfold, unbelieving of how wrung out and weak he felt from this. He had no idea how long he'd been strung up, no idea as to what he looked like and no idea if Severus had finished toying with him for the night.

He brought his head up slowly, listening to Severus breathe heavily from the exertions and smiled. "Am I a masterpiece yet?" he asked softly, curious as to what his lover had created.

"My magnum opus." Severus said as he bent and untied Harry's feet then wrapped an arm about the younger man’s waist before unclasping the cuffs at his wrists. Wax flaked off of Harry as Severus helped him down. He pressed a kiss to the top of Harry's head. "You are exquisite."

Harry smiled as he pushed the blindfold from his eyes. "Your opus, eh? Sounds rather important," he chuckled as leaned against Severus. "Did you enjoy it?"

More bits of wax flaked off of his body as he made his way with help to the bed room and then to the bed. "You know you've got to get all of this off of me, don't you?" he asked with an eyebrow raised in perfect imitation of his lover.

Severus smirked down at his lover sprawled over their bed and then chuckled, “I believe that can be taken care of and to answer your question, yes, I did enjoy myself immensely. Did you enjoy my ministrations?”

He trailed one long finger over Harry’s wax coated prick, the wax still holding its heat well and smiled. He’d certainly enjoy removing each bit of the wax personally.

Harry purred, stretching and then rolling over on the bed to present his wax coated backside to his lover, crossing his arms and laying his cheek on his hands. Severus straddled his body, letting his knees support his weight as he began to carefully flick and peel the wax away, revealing reddened and warm skin under it all.

The next morning found two house elves in a heated discussion as to just how Messrs. Harry and Severus’ sheets came to be covered in melted candles. Geppy was certain it was a case of faulty candles while Dobby only shook his head and sighed wearily, remembering the sheets that had been covered in honey and chocolate only a month before.

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